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Our powerful, multimedia keynotes shape leading-edge thinking. Our goal is to break the ‘business as usual’ mindset and to provide fresh insights unknown or unseen by your leadership teams.

Strategic Facilitation

As powerful as our keynotes are, they can only delve just below the surface of the exponential changes happening in the world; thus we offer deep immersion through extended seminars and workshops.

Culture Redesign

Few companies think about the right culture and values to allow their best talent to succeed. The best global market leaders create work cultures to align their strategies to be the best in their industries.

Strategy Design

Our trademarked Strategic Thinking and Strategic Action process is a facilitated and tailored in-company program for the top executive team and/or emerging leaders to create your Ideal Business of the Future.

Business StressTest

Do you REALLY know what the market thinks of your business? Through a process of ‘narrative enquiry’ rather than questionnaires, we’ll drive and facilitate a conversation to unlock more insights than you could ever obtain through traditional methods.

MindBullets: News from the Future

Our free weekly email Newsflashes from the Future are a tool to help our clients stay in touch with the latest trends and thinking in the FutureWorld network.

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