Strategic Thinking & Strategic Action

A process for choosing your future

What is it?

Our trademarked Strategic Thinking and Strategic Action process is a facilitated and tailored in-company program for the top executive team and/or emerging leaders to create your Ideal Business of the Future.

We link a team of world-best practitioners, drawn from our network of futurists, clients and academic leaders to create a series of powerful briefings on the context of the marketplace in which we will have to compete in the future. This creates powerful ‘action scenarios’ that prompt questions and debates about future choices.

We work by exposing you to the mega-themes shaping the world by first ‘diverging’ your thinking to understand the context of a changing world before ‘converging’ your thinking to create your future business today, by defining immediate next steps and long-term vision.

This is FutureWorld’s ultimate “Future-Proof” weapon!

Why you need it?

Most companies create strategy by extrapolating current performance and experience into the future. Even strategy tools taught at the most prestigious business schools use frameworks anchored in the past and present. But the future will palpably not be the same as the past! Our approach is radically different. We seek to ‘learn from the future.’

How long?

The full program typically runs from three to eight months. We run one one-day workshop each month, to open minds to new thinking, leading up to a three-day ‘Strategic Indaba’, where we will jointly create your future business. Teamwork assignments in between sessions serve to make the lessons relevant, and change the executive mindset. Attendance by top management is mandatory to underscore the commitment to future thinking and to ensure weight and resources are allocated to the change agenda.

What will you get out of it?

Our Strategic Thinking & Strategic Action process typically delivers four outcomes:

  • A clear vision of your Ideal ‘Business of Tomorrow’;
  • A roadmap of the key steps needed to get there;
  • A series of focused ‘low-hanging fruit’ ideas that can be quickly implemented; and
  • A team excited, inspired and united around a common vision of the future that they themselves have built.

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