Strategic facilitation and in-house workshops

Why you need it?

As powerful as our keynotes are, they can only delve just below the surface of the exponential changes happening in the world. Thus we offer deep immersion through extended seminars and workshops, ranging from half-day to three-day sessions, or more. Often, we use our keynote themes as the foundation of a workshop to set the context.

What is it?

We tailor our interventions to be relevant to your own organization and industry, through shared insights from our futurists and content experts, and through provocative debate, strategic conversations and intensive work-shopping with your executive team.

What will you get out of it?

Some of the areas we examine will help you explore answers to:

  • Who will be the business losers and winners in the future?
  • How do you market to machines and AI that make purchasing decisions on behalf of your “human” customers?
  • What Toxic Assumptions have you built your business models upon that are no longer valid?
  • How will you attract the best human talent into a world where they care more about experiences than the “actual job?”
  • Do you have a vision that energizes your team to come to work? Do you know what your “why” is – and how it drives shareholder value or profit?

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