• Quantum Future of the Corporation

    Quantum Future of the Corporation

    The corporation was once touted as one of man’s greatest inventions, enabling individuals to aggregate resources and compete with...

  • Beyond Collaboration

    Beyond Collaboration

    Mankind has always worked together in one form or another. But new technologies and new social norms have made...

  • Firms of Endearment

    Firms of Endearment

    A growing body of serious and recognised business leaders and luminaries are raising the debate on this big question....

  • Quantum Relationships

    Quantum Relationships

    “People are our most valuable asset” – that corporate platitude may turn out to have been one of the...

  • Lessons from the Future

    Lessons from the Future

    Consumer culture, technology and business models – we know what the world was like in the past, but what...

  • Leader of the Future

    Leader of the Future

    FutureWorld, in association with Cindy Solomon & Associates (CSA Inc), is offering a powerful two-day “Leader of the Future”...

  • Radical Innovation

    Radical Innovation

    Innovation is fast becoming the commercial religion of the 21st century. Everyone’s doing it, so how can you differentiate...

  • Thriving on Turbulence

    Thriving on Turbulence

    This may seem a strange thought in these turbulent times: Are you sure you want the world to be...

  • The Future is Never Urgent

    The Future is Never Urgent

    FutureWorld has helped clients create more than 100 new breakthrough businesses. It’s been an amazing laboratory for learning about...

  • GR8 Expectations (Go Beyond)

    GR8 Expectations (Go Beyond)

    This keynote and workshop will show your executive team how to think beyond traditional paradigms, capitalise on the new...

  • China


    Today, China is the pre-eminent growth economy, universally feared as a voracious competitor; inscrutable as a market and thoroughly...

  • India


    In 1990 India had the same GDP as China. Since then, India has stood in China’s economic shadow. Democratic...

  • Shift happens

    Shift happens

    The key challenge for any successful organisation today is to sustainably achieve high growth in an environment where the...

  • Life 2.0

    Life 2.0

    During the past 100 years science and technology have shaped life as-we-know-it, almost beyond comprehension. Today we stand in...

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