Our powerful, multimedia keynotes shape leading-edge thinking. We go beyond the visible trends shaping business, industries and markets to synthesize key learnings from the tsunami of new phenomena flooding the world. We interrogate the underlying factors driving these shifts to seek their meaning, and to unpack the ‘second-order implications’ – how these changes will reshape your business and world. Our goal is to break the ‘business as usual’ mindset and to provide fresh insights unknown or unseen by your leadership teams.

All of our keynotes are continuously updated and can be delivered in a variety of formats, from one-hour keynote presentations through to full workshops. Every event we deliver is unique, adapted for each client and context.

These are currently our keynotes most in demand all over the world:

Other powerful FutureWorld keynotes:

What will you get out of our sessions?

A lens into a glorious but challenging future in which the bold can create their business of tomorrow, today! Your audience will be inspired (or scared!) into action by understanding the need for change in a disruptive, exponential world. After our intervention, you will fully understand that “The future is a matter of choice, not chance”.

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