Specialist Culture Workshops

Why you need it?

Companies spend millions on devising the perfect strategy, operations plan and go-to-market process, and even more on hiring the best they can afford. But few companies think about the right culture and values to allow their best talent to succeed. The best global market leaders create work cultures to align their strategies to be the best in their industries. There is no one-size fits all, so we will help you design the culture to make you future-relevant, innovative and entrepreneurial.

What is it?

Three-day workshop over a week that covers these topics

  • Reveal your current culture
  • How the best in the world create an engaging work culture
  • How culture affects brand and hiring
  • Story telling and embedding values into your team
  • Seeing your company through the lens of the world
  • Redefining your company metrics, performance and scrutinizing hierarchy
  • Replicating what is currently working inside your company walls by finding and highlighting the “bright spots”

What will you get out of it?

  • Alignment of visions, values and culture
  • Clarity on what already works for you and how to amplify this
  • A more engaged and enthusiastic workforce
  • Prioritizing of immediate projects to start from day one
  • Understanding innovation – how much you really want, and how to do it

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