Business StressTest

What is it?

We’re not talking about focus groups or other predictable outcomes. We’re talking about a robust, direct discussion with different groups, from youth squads to customer teams to diversity groups, to hear the counterviews to what you always hear from your marketing teams. Through a process of ‘narrative enquiry’ rather than questionnaires, we’ll drive and facilitate a conversation to unlock more insights than you could ever obtain through traditional methods.

Why you need it?

Do you REALLY know what the market thinks of your business? Often in market research we ask leading questions that lead to positive results only to see the market react in ways we never anticipated. Rather, why not have a robust audience – for example, right wing activist, economics professor, disruptive Millennial, untargeted LSM category – all in the room to have a conversation about you and your business!

How long?

To really drive a conversation, debate consequence and gather real life insights, we recommend at least a half-day session.

What will you get out of it?

A FutureWorld-facilitated debate to experience what you never hear in the C-suite, providing insights to make you more robust, smart and relevant as you prepare for a disruptive new world. Are you up to it?

Book a StressTest!


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