Rohitesh Dhawan

Geopolitics and global economy

Rohitesh is an expert in global political and economic developments and how they affect financial markets and companies. He specialises in boiling down the complexities of the current geopolitical landscape into business-oriented insights. His twin capabilities as a Political Scientist and an Economist position him perfectly to help make sense of the current global economy and geopolitical order. He coves the major global issues of the day, and has particular experience and expertise in; the policies of the Trump Administration, global trade relations (and trade wars), Brexit and the future of Europe, African development pathways, Middle Eastern political issues, India’s growth, China’s influence in the rest of the world, and climate change and ESG-related issues.

Whilst currently based in London, Rohitesh has lived and worked in South Africa for over a decade and intimately understands the connection of global issues to South African political economy.

Rohitesh delivers keynote presentations (scalable from 30 minutes to full-day Executive Education style sessions) and consulting projects to global corporations and asset managers. He has been a top-rated Management Consultant for over a decade and has been a trusted advisor to numerous Fortune 500 CEOs / Principals, in addition to being a sought-after speaker for corporate retreats or strategy days as well as professional conferences.

Rohitesh has lived and worked on four continents, and has first-hand experience in a variety of countries including: China / Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico and USA. Rohitesh is a trained economist and geographer from the University of Oxford.

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