Andy Hadfield

Digital Native

Digital native, entertaining and compelling presenter about the new shape of life, work and play in the connected world.

Andy Hadfield is a digital native (he grew up with the Internet) and is fascinated with the impact it is having on our lives and businesses. An entertaining and compelling presenter and personality, Andy speaks with authority and insight about the new shape of life, work and play in the digital world.

Importantly though, he’s not a “techie”! Andy understands the hard realities of business, and delivers pragmatic, realistic lessons from the future, which every business will find valuable. His intensive front-line experience underpins these viewpoints.

He has played in every corner of the digital industry, launching his first startup at age 19 – getALife (gAL) was a social network before the word was even invented. The site was a political and community mouthpiece for South African students between 1997 and 2005 and was covered on every major media platform, including Time Magazine. It also has the dubious honour of being sued by Robert Mugabe.

He then spent the next 7 years honing his strategic skills across a range of industries, including finance, professional services, construction and media. With The Virtual Works, this included building the digital platform that underpins “The Deloitte Way”, a real time strategic assessment, staff engagement and reward programme. He was also involved in creating Africa’s first monetised niche social network ( which drives communication and collaboration across the construction industry.

At First National Bank, Andy helped develop a team to manage digital strategy across the consumer banking segment. This included projects such as corporate crowdsourcing, the bank’s first official FaceBook presence, a major overhaul of and a world-class “Amazon-style” online sales system for financial products.

Andy is a colourful and well-known personality in the Internet space. He runs, a boutique strategic consultancy and stable of pioneering digital projects. You can find him on or tweeting his love for cricket, wine and the new style of business

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